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Kat Scan

React JS / MySQL


The Kat Scan project was given to us by our professor for the Software Engineering class at my university. The goal of the application was to “eliminate the need for paper rosters” and make attendance easier for professors and faculty. We would do this by creating a system that allowed the professor to create a course and generate a QR code that the students would scan, sign in, and mark their attendance. I completed this project with a team of great people which included Abbigale Crump, Cameron Miller, and Jose Veloza. My part on the team was to work on the back end and ensure that the application worked logically the way our team had envisioned it. This included managing and connecting the SQL database to the application, hashing, storing, and verifying user information, and leveraging the QR library in order to create QR codes that allowed us to use information like the date,time, and class id to mark the attendance.

This was my first big software project and I struggled in the beginning to get started. We switched from using the Prisma library to using the MySQL library late into the project which wrecked me as I had already invested tons of time into learning Prisma. This did not deter me however, and through it all we were able to successfully create a working prototype that did the job we set out to do.

Though it was never fully published and utilized, it was a great experience to learn and grow as a developer and showed me just how in-depth, thought through, and thorough software development must be in order to be successful.


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